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Welcome to the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Valley of Lowell

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79 Dutton Street, Lowell, MA 01852
Parking lot is across the street from the police station located at 50 Arcand Drive.

Scottish Rite is a branch of Freemasonry designed to supplement and amplify the philosophical teachings of the first three degrees. The Scottish Rite claims to build upon the ethical teachings and philosophy of blue lodge Masonry through dramatic presentation. The Scottish Rite is sometimes called the “University of Freemasonry” because it uses extensive allegory and drama in its degrees to explore the philosophy, history, ethics and ultimate truths that guide Freemasons’ lives.

The Bodies of the Scottish Rite sitting in the Valley of Lowell, State of Massachusetts, acknowledge and yield allegiance to the Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America, whose Grand East is in the Town of Lexington, Massachusetts, and whose chief officers are:

Ill :. David A. Glattly, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander
Ill :. Donald Moran , 33°, Deputy for Massachusetts
Ill :. Peter R. Smith, 33°, Active for Massachusetts
III :. Robert C. Schremser, 33°, Active for Massachusetts
Ill :. C. William Lakso, 33°,Active Emeritus
Ill :. Robert W.Clarke, 33°, Active Emeritus
Ill :. Ralph I. Sewall, Jr, 33°, Active Emeritus
Ill :. Robert Godbout Jr., 33°, Active Emeritus
Ill :. Donald G. Hicks, Jr, 33°, Active Emeritus
Bro. :.Steven A. Burton, 32°, Deputy’s Representative, Valley of Lowell