The history of Scottish Rite Masonry for Lowell begins with a Lodge of Perfection formed in Albany, New York in the year 1767.  During this period, there were may different rites including a King Solomon’s Lodge of Perfection located at Holmes Hole, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts in the year 1791.

In the year 1801, the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite was formed in Charleston, South Carolina.  In 1813, a group of Masons in New  York City were recognized by the Supreme Council in South Carolina.  They received a charter and became the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.In its early stages, there were many variations of the degrees in Scottish Rite Masonry.  It wasn’t until 1857 that the two rival Supreme Councils agreed to unite as on body.

The Scottish Rite bodies, Valley of Lowell celebrated its centennial observance on November 1, 1957.  A number of Masons including Ill. William Sewall Gardner, having been granted  a dispensation by Ill. Edward A. Raymond M.P. Sovereign Grand Commander, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction formed a Lodge of Perfection and Council Princess of Jerusalem in the year 1857.  Charters were issued the following year.