What about the other degrees?

The fourth to the fourteenth inclusive are conferred by Lodges of Perfection. The fifteenth and sixteenth are conferred by the Council of Princes of Jerusalem. The seventeenth and eighteenth are conferred by the Chapter of Rose Croix. The nineteenth to the thirty-second inclusive are conferred by Consistories. Each Lodge, Council, Chapter and Consistory is an organized Body within the Valley (geographical area) served by it.

How many degrees are there in Scottish Rite?

There are 29 Scottish Rite regular degrees, which follow the three degrees conferred in craft lodges. The 33˚ is conferred only by the Supreme Council, the governing body of Scottish Rite Masonry.

How does Scottish Rite elaborate on the Craft Lodge Degrees?

It presents in degrees from the fourth to the thirty-second an interpretation of the lessons of the craft degrees by the use of drama and lectures appealing to both the ear and eye to explore the great truths which Freemasonry professes.